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War started in Ukraine – ‘Martial’ law issued

President Vladimir Putin has declared war in Ukraine, it is being told that many local areas in Ukraine have been shelled after Russia’s military deployment. The Ukrainian capital Kyiv has been reported to have been attacked by cruise and ballistic missiles. Announcing the military action, President Putin also threatened that no one should interfere in this matter, otherwise the result would be harmful.

Can’t Stop Now – War

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that the war between Ukraine and Russia can no longer be stopped. That’s why Russia has started a special military operation. They say they do not want to dominate Ukraine. Not only this, he asked the Ukrainian army to lay down its arms and go home.

Ukraine’s foreign minister said that Putin has launched massive attacks. Peaceful Ukraine has been invaded. This is the grace of aggression. Ukraine will defend itself and win it.

Kyiv airport evacuated

The Kyiv airport has been completely evacuated due to the worsening of the situation. Passengers and staff working there have been evacuated. At present there are three foreign aircraft, which were to take off, but they were also stopped from taking-off.

State of emergency declared in Ukraine

Ukraine declared a state of emergency on Wednesday due to the Russian attack, with Ukraine ordering its citizens to leave Russia as soon as possible.

Russia has announced the withdrawal of its diplomats from Ukraine, as well as the two regions of eastern Ukraine recognized by President Vladimir Putin as independent countries, Russia has also started diplomatic relations with them.

America imposed sanctions on Russia

Due to this move of Russia, Britain, European Union and America are in action. Britain and the US have announced new sanctions on Russia.

America’s series of sanctions on Russia continues, now it is being said that America is going to take steps against the Nord Stream 2 pipeline going to be built in Russia. Strict sanctions are being organized on the company from which Russia is building this pipeline.

Emergency meeting called yesterday by EU

The EU has called an emergency meeting yesterday amid differences between Ukraine and Russia. All the members have made it clear that in the 21st century, the situation on the border will not be able to change in a stubborn manner.

This collection discusses further planning to encircle Russia.

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