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Types of Trimmers – How To Choose The Right One?

What is Trimer and why we use it?

Trimmer is a type of electronic machine, which is used to cut short or fine hair of the face and body. Sometimes people are not satisfied after getting their beard cut from the salon or cannot find the time to go to the salon. Trimmer can be a good option for those people.

The hair trimmer comes with five-length settings and enables you to trim short and fine beards from 0.5 to 12 mm. Whatever shape and style you want for your beard, you can easily get it with the help of a trimmer.

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Types of Trimmers – How To Choose The Right One?

  1. Hair Trimmer
  2. Beard Trimmer
  3. Ear and Nose Trimmer
  4. Ultra-Sensitive Trimmer
  5. Hybrid Trimmer

Let us learn in detail about each type below :

Hair Trimmer : Hair trimmer is only for head hair because face and body hair are delicate and the skin structure is quite different from head. Using the hair trimmer in the other places of body can be harmful for you.

Hair trimmers are very versatile and can be easily set according to the length of the hair, which means you can adjust the speed of trimming the hair.

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Beard Trimmer : Beard Trimmer as the name suggests, is specially designed for beards. Both the skin and hair of our face are very delicate. Beard Trimmer is a good helper for you to make a nice thick beard or a thin beard.

Beard trimmers are very precise, which helps to protect other skin, which means you can use it easily on your chin as far as your beard.

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Ear and Nose Trimmer : Since the hair and skin inside the nose and ears are very sensitive and delicate, special trimmers are designed for them. It is very convenient because of its compact size, which can easily cut your ear and nose hair.

You can also use this trimmer for your eyebrows. It simply and painlessly trims the excess hairs of your eyebrows. It is not recommended to use this trimmer on other parts of the body.

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Ultra-Sensitive Trimmer : This trimmer is specially designed for sensitive areas of the body. Using a normal trimmer on these areas increases the risk of cuts, scrapes, which in turn can lead to infection etc.

Ultra-sensitive trimmers do not cause any irritation on the skin and do not darken the skin. This problem is seen when other trimmers are used.

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Hybrid Trimmer : Hybrid Trimmer is a multipurpose trimmer, it has many multifunctions, which are helpful in trimming your facial hair according to various styles. This is a great tool that lasts a long time. It is a best seller among all-in-one products. With this trimmer, people do not need to buy separate trimmers for beard and body.

The Hybrid Trimmer features double-sided blades for effortless styling and precise edges, helping you create the perfect look effortlessly. This trimmer does not cause any irritation to the skin as it is specially made for this purpose.

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Corded and Cordless Trimmer

Cordless Trimmer is a Charging Base Trimmer, which are powered by battery or battery pack and after charging you can use it. It is connected to an electrical outlet to store power in it. You can use this without power cords or cables.

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Corded Trimmer does not have a battery, it runs on power by plugging directly into an electrical outlet. They are usually more powerful than their battery powered counterparts. They have a powerful Pivot Motor, which cuts the hair smoothly and is very useful for continuous use.

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