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Tata Motors sold record breaking vehicles

Tata Motors sells record breaking vehicles

In the last month, Tata Motors has made a new record by selling about 82,000 vehicles. After which the shares of the company saw an increase of up to 6 percent today, due to which the company’s shares reached Rs 480.

If we talk about last year, then the company had sold about 54,000 vehicles, that is, this year the company’s sales rate has seen an increase.

There is a tremendous demand for Tata Motors vehicles among the customers. Tata’s Punch, Nexon, Altroz and Safari are being liked a lot by the people. Due to advance booking, the company is emphasizing on more production to meet these cars.


This year Tata Motors has added new features to the Nexon EV with a new software update of the Nexon Prime. Which is giving it more popularity among its customers.

The Nexon Prime features advanced features like cruise control, regenerative braking system, smartwatch-integrated connected and tire pressure monitoring system.


Tata Motors has also done great sales in CNG cars this year, the highest ever sales for Tata Motors at around 5,200 vehicles. Which in itself is a new sales record.

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