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Government is going to take strictness regarding old vehicles

Seeing the increasing level of pollution in the city of Gurugram, the Haryana government has taken several strict steps. Due to the continuous increase in air pollution, the government is going to completely prohibit the old vehicles because the black and white smoke coming out of old vehicles spreads excessive amount of pollution and promotes many types of diseases.

Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar has said that as per the decision of the National Green Tribunal, 15 years old petrol vehicles and 10 years old diesel vehicles will be banned very soon. It is being said that people will be given sufficient time for this. It is very necessary to reduce air pollution.

The CM said that by using the directions of the NGT, the priority of the state increases. This rule will be strictly implemented from 1 April 2022. In the first phase, 15 years old petrol and 10 years old diesel vehicles will be removed from the roads of Gurgaon. CM says that autos falling in this category will also be changed.

Drivers do not face much problem, so the government will provide time to the drivers to change autos. On March 10, the government is going to set up camps for auto drivers so that maximum facilities can be given to them. In this, auto drivers will be able to sell their old auto rickshaw and know about buying a new electric auto rickshaw and will also be able to apply.