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NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope released the first color picture of the universe

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope Released the First Color Picture of the Universe

NASA has released special color photos of space, captured by NASA’s new Space Telescope (James Webb Space Telescope). The James Webb Space Telescope has been one of the most powerful telescopes ever built in space. These pictures are very unique in themselves, the reason being that they are showing the deepest view of the universe. Along with this, galaxies, nebulae and a gas planet are visible in these pictures.

NASA Deputy Administrator Pamela Melroy says the James Webb Space Telescope has enough spare fuel capacity to operate the mission for 20 years.

This space telescope has been built for about $ 900 million and it is said to be the largest and most complex observatory ever sent to space. The weight of this space telescope is being told about 6,350 kg.

This picture of the universe, captured by the James Webb Space Telescope, was released by President Joe Biden and described the occasion as historic. He said that this is the deepest infrared image of the universe ever taken.

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