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नैमिषारण्य धाम

Naimisharanya Dham

Naimisharanya Dham

Naimisharanya Dham is also known as Chakra Tirtha. Naimisharanya Dham is situated on the left bank of the Gomti river in Sitapur district, located in Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh. This Dham is very famous. This Dham has been mentioned many times in Markandeya Puran, one of the oldest Puranas. It is also a sightseeing place.

History and Beliefs

It is said that Maharishi Shaunak had a desire to conduct a long session of knowledge. Then Lord Vishnu pleased with his tenacity gave him a chakra and said that to walk while running this wheel and the place where the nemi (periphery) of this chakra falls down, it means that the place is holy, pure and holy.

When Maharishi Shaunak walked from there while driving the wheel, 80 thousand sages also accompanied him. When they all started following that cycle. While walking, suddenly the Nemi of Chakra fell in a forest on the banks of river Gomti and entered the land. Due to which the name of the chakra fell, that area came to be called Naimish. Hence this place is also called Naimisharanya.

Naimisharanya Dham Attractions

In this Dham, Char Dham Temple (First Ashram), Panch Prayag Sarovar, Vyas Gaddi, Lalita Devi Temple, Manu-Satrupa Tapobhoomi and Hanuman Garhi, Vyasa-Shukdev’s Place, Chakratirtha, Dashashwamedh Tila, Balaji Temple, Pandava Fort, Trishakti Dham, Hatya Haran Teerth, Kalika Devi, the place of Sutji, Kali Peeth are the main places of interest.

Circumambulation of Naimisharanya

The circumambulation of Naimisharanya Dham is of 84 kos. This parikrama starts every year on the Pratipada after the new moon of Phalgunamas and ends on the full moon. According to this parikrama tradition, the first ashram under the chairmanship of the Mahant (Danka Wale Baba) is completed. At present there are 84 kosi parikrama presidents and the first ashram’s Mahant is 1008 Shri (Bharatdas) ji Maharaj, when the danka is played by him, the Ramdal parikrama begins.

Here all the pilgrimages come in the small (antarvedi) of Naimisharanya. Major pilgrimages here –

Panchprayag – This is a strong, powerful and strong lake and there is a tree named Akshayvat on its bank.

Places of Vyasji and Shukdev ji – Here in a temple there is a seat of Shukdev ji inside and Vyas ji in the outside and near them are the platforms of Manu and Shatrupa. Along with them there is a dry lake filled with sand, Brahmavarta – a dry lake, Gangotri, Pushkar – a lake.

Pandava Fort – Near Hanuman Garhi in Naimisharanya Dham, Pandava Fort is a very ancient fort. This Mahabharata has been in existence since time immemorial. This Dham comes in the most famous ancient places of Uttar Pradesh. It is said that this fort was built by King Virat of Mahabharata. Not only this, it is also said that the Pandavas used this fort as their home during their exile. That is why this fort is famous as Pandav Fort. There are idols of Lord Krishna and Pandavas inside this fort.

Lalita Devi Temple – This is the main temple of this Dham. Along with this, there is a temple of Govardhan Mahadev, Kshemakaya Devi, Janaki Kund, Hanumanji and Kashi on the pucca lake. Along with this there is a temple of Maa Annapurna, Dharmaraja Temple and Vishwanathji. Pind Daan is also done here.

Dashashwamedha tila – Here in this Naimisharanya Dham the idols of Lord Shri Krishna and Pandavas are present in the temple on a mound.

Soot ji’s place – Sutji’s throne is also located in a temple. Idols of Radha-Krishna and Balramji have also been made here.

There is also an ashram of Swami Shri Nardanandji Maharaj and a Brahmacharya ashram in this Dham. Where Brahmacharis get education from ancient method. Sadhaks stay in the ashram for the purpose of spiritual practice. It is believed that in Kaliyuga, all the pilgrimages reside in the Naimish region.

There is also a Tri Shakti temple here. In which the artwork of South India is present.

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