Jag Khabar

Khabar Har Pal Kee

महर्षि कश्यप

Chief among the Saptarishis – Kashyap Rishi

Main among the Saptarishis – Kashyap Rishi

Among the ancient Vedic Sapta Rishis (Sage Vashishta, Kashyapa Rishi, Atri Rishi, Rishi Jamadagni, Rishi Gautam, Rishi Vishwamitra and Rishi Bharadvaja) Kashyapa Rishi is considered to be the main sage. Maharishi Kashyap was counted among the best Mahavibhutis on the strength of his superior qualities, majesty and tenacity.

Kashyap Rishi has been told in many Puranas, texts, ancient books, Samhitas and Angvedas. According to the Puranas, sage Kashyap had anointed King Vishwakarmabhauvan of Aitareya Brahmin, not only this, the universe was propagated and spread through the descendants of Rishi Kashyap.

According to the Puranas, out of the seven Manas sons of Lord Brahma, Rishi Marichi had produced a Prajapati son named Kashyap out of his desire or desire, and his mother was ‘Kala’, the daughter of Rishi Kardam and sister of Kapil Dev.

History and Beliefs

According to ancient texts and Puranas, Brahma ji first appeared on earth. Lord Brahma gave birth to Daksha Prajapati. Daksha Prajapati gave birth to 60 daughters from the womb of his wife Veerani at the behest of Brahma ji, out of which 13 daughters were married by Maharishi Kashyap.

According to some Puranas and Shrimad Bhagwat, Daksha Prajapati married 10 of his 60 daughters with Dharma, 27 daughters married with Moon, 13 daughters married with Maharishi Kashyap, 2 daughters were married with ghosts. Also, 2 daughters were married to Angira, 2 daughters were married to Krishasva, the remaining 4 daughters were also married to Maharishi Kashyap.

Thus he had 17 wives (Aditi, Diti, Danu, Anishta, Kastha, Sursa, Ila, Muni, Surabhi, Kadru, Vinata, Yamini, Tamra, Timi, Krodhavasha, Sarma, Patangi).

After that Kashyap sage gave birth to two sons named Hiranyakashipu and Hiranyaksha and a daughter named Simhika from Diti’s womb.
Apart from this, 49 other sons were also born from Diti’s womb, who were called Marundana.

Maharishi Kashyap’s children

From Aditi to Aditya (gods), from Diti to demons, from Danu to demons, from Kastha to horses, etc., from Anishtha to Gandharva, from Sursa to Rakshasas, from Ila to trees, from Muni to Apsaraganya, from anger, from Cow and Mahisha, from Sarma to Shvapad ( Hinstra animal), Tamra to Shyen-gridhra, Timi to Yadogana (water animal), Vinata to Garuda and Aruna, Kadru to Nag, Patagi to Patanhi, Yamini to Shalabh.

It is very necessary to have all these to maintain the balance of the earth and all of them took birth through Kashyap Rishi and performed their duty, thus Kashyap Rishi is also known as the creator of the entire creation.

According to Shrimad Bhagwat and Puranas, all of us are also the children of Maharishi Kashyap.


Maharishi Kashyap has great importance among the people, people consider him as their guru and on Maharishi Kashyap Jayanti, people celebrate the birth anniversary of Rishi Kashyap with great enthusiasm and great pomp. In many places of India, a large procession is taken out on this day. This procession is run in the whole village and city. On this day, Yagyas and Havans are performed in temples and people from far and wide come to celebrate the birth anniversary of Rishi Kashyap i.e. worship him.

A great composition like “Kashyapa-Samhita” has also been composed by Maharishi Kashyap. This is the oldest and most important of the Ayurvedic Samhita texts.

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