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Mahaparv Shivratri

Mahashivratri is a very prominent, prestigious and famous festival of Indians. This is a very grand and great festival of Lord Shiva, which people celebrate with great enthusiasm. Mahashivratri comes once in a year. This holy festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm and joy on the Chaturdashi of Krishna Paksha of Falgun month.


It has been told in the Shiva Purana that the ‘Linga’, symbolizing the Anurvar (formless) form of Shiva, appeared on this holy day, which was being exposed like millions of suns and was first worshiped by Brahma and Vishnu. Since then this day became famous as Mahashivratri.

It is also believed that on this specific date, Mahadev incarnated in the Rudra form of Lord Brahma at midnight.

It is also said in many places that on this day Lord Shiv Shankar opened his third eye while doing tandav and ended the world with the fire of his eye.

According to the first story, Mata Parvati and Mahadev got married on this day. People celebrate this day with great enthusiasm as the anniversary of Lord Shiv Shankar and Mata Parvati.


Mahadev is called by all the Devotees as Adi Guru or First Guru and from him the yogic tradition started. This holy occasion of Mahashivratri is very important for the seekers walking on the spiritual path. This day is also necessary for those who are engrossed in various kinds of aspirations of life and also for those who remain under the conditions of home management. Some people even consider this precious day of Shivaratri as the day of victory over the opponents by Mahadev.

Provided, this date is very important for yogis, on this day they became integral with Mount Kailash. Like a mountain, he became fixed, fixed and dormant, immovable, motionless. The night of Mahashivratri is the darkest night of the month.

Vrat (fasting) and worship

Lord Mahadev is worshiped the most and when this festival of Lord Shiva comes, then people make this festival with great enthusiasm. On this day people wake up early in the morning and worship Lord Shiva after taking bath etc.

On this day, many people keep a fast in the name of Lord Shiv Shankar and anoint the Shivling with Gangajal, milk etc. and offer Bel leaves, cannabis leaves, datura etc. on the Shivling. It is believed that Mahadev is very dear to Bel leaves, hemp leaves, Datura etc. Goddess Parvati is also worshiped along with Lord Shiva on this day.

Mahadev is also called Adiyogi, so the sadhak or yogi gets colored in the color of Mahadev on this day i.e. meditates, chants Om Namah Shivaya Mantra. Only sattvik things should always be offered to God.

Lord Shiva is worshiped in different ways in each state and many materials are used in the worship, Like the material of makeup of Shiva and Mata Parvati, flowers, five fruits, five nuts, worship utensils, curd, pure ghee, Honey, Ganges water, pure water, Pancha juice, perfume, roli, molly, janeu, five types of sweets, datura, hemp, berry, barley, mandar flower, raw cow’s milk, cane juice, camphor, incense , lamp, cotton, sandalwood, etc.

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