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Know what is a Steeplechase Race

Know What is Steeplechase Race

Steeplechase Race is a track-and-field sport in athletics that features a variety of challenges, in which athletes run on a course with obstacles and overcome various obstacles (fixed). hurdles and water jumps etc.) completes the race of 3000 meters.

In this game, contestants have to navigate 28 fixed barriers and 7 water jumps. In addition to strength and endurance, unlike horses, top steeplechasers also require superior agility.

The sport dates back to a cross-country race at the University of Oxford in 1850. As an Olympic track event (only for men), it was first run at the 1900 Games, and was standardized at 3,000 meters by the 1920 Games.

A typical steeplechase race is for a distance of 3,000 metres. The course has 28 barriers and 7 water jumps. A distance of 2,000 meters is also used for races that consist of 18 barriers and 5 water jumps. Races are organized for both men and women, but the hurdles used for women are slightly smaller than for men.

Steeplechase races are held on the same track as other track races. Water jump obstacles are placed outside the turn or inside the turn. Athletes are not required to maintain any lane during the race.

Steeplechase has been a part of the Olympic Games since the first modern Olympics in 1924. It is also a part of all major track and field competitions, including the World Championships.