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Know the sure Benefits of Eating Plum


Plum, is a very nutritious and pulpy fruit. It belongs to the Rosaceae family and grows in Prunus Domestica. It is a stone fruit, round or elongated that can be yellow, green, red or purple. In general, it is very nutritious and rich in vitamins, especially Vitamin C. Depending on the amount of water in it, it is more or less juicy. Prunes or dehydrated plums keep for a long time and are very sweet.

Plums are generally found during monsoon. It is called Plum when fresh and Prune when dried. Apart from being sweet and tasty, it is rich in many minerals and is especially rich in Potassium. It is low in calories and rich in antioxidants, which help in improving and protecting immunity.

China, Romania, Serbia and the United States are leaders in its commercial cultivation. It is a Global Components, found in cuisines from Eastern Europe to Asia, as well as North and South America.

Nutrition Fact of Plum

NutritionAmount Per 100 g% Daily Value*
Total Fat 0.3 g0%
Saturated fat0 g0%
Cholesterol0 mg0%
Sodium0 mg0%
Potassium157 mg4%
Total Carbohydrate11 g3%
Dietary fiber1.4 g5%
Sugar 10 g
Protein 0.7 g1%
Vitamin C15%

Benefits of Plum

Regular consumption of prunes has a protective effect on your health. Its advantages are as follows –

Heart Disease Relief

Plums are rich in a variety of vitamins and minerals, including calcium, which ensures normal blood clotting. They also supply potassium and vitamin C as well as being rich in protective Polyphenols that are capable of reducing cardiovascular risk factors.

A study has found that prune juice helps your heart function smoothly. Since it is a good source of potassium, it helps in reducing the risk of high blood pressure, stroke or various heart related diseases.

Anxiety Relief

Plums are a rich source of Antioxidants to protect the brain. Research has also shown that eating prunes improves brain function and thinking. Plums contribute to the reduction of anxiety due to their antioxidant properties, such as Chlorogenic Acid. This acid may help reduce anxiety-related behavior and oxidative stress.

Plum are able to relieve mental anxiety and also promote the release of happy hormones and also calm the nerves, so it is definitely a convenient fruit for you. It helps you deal with all the uncomfortable situations effectively and boosts your confidence level.

Constipation Relief

Plums help in relieving constipation and digestive problems like flatulence, indigestion, bloating and heartburn. This fruit is used as a Mild Laxative. It contains high amounts of Insoluble Fiber, which means it does not mix with water. It plays a role in preventing constipation by adding bulk to stool, which speeds up the rate of waste removal through the digestive tract.

If we talk about dried plums, then the Jam prepared from it increases bowel movement and helps the medicine to work effectively. Prunes also help soften stools, which is beneficial for people with constipation and irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Dried prunes contain certain Phenolic compounds, which help in increasing the movement in the digestive tract, thereby helping in emptying of the stomach. Prunes contain Serotonin, which increases the production of intestinal fluid and the motility of the intestine. They also have a prebiotic effect and high fiber content, which helps maintain helpful bacteria in the Colon.

Blood Pressure

The proportion of potassium and Sodium in plums is very good. A potassium-rich diet helps relax blood vessels and maintains healthy Blood Pressure. It helps your body get rid of sodium when you urinate and it reduces the tension in your blood vessel walls. When your blood pressure is low and the chances of having a Stroke are reduced.

Plums are known to be naturally rich in Anthocyanin, which is a powerful antioxidant. Antioxidants are known to reduce Ambulatory blood pressure immediately. It protects those suffering from high blood pressure and provides protective heart health benefits. In addition, the high potassium levels in prunes help relax blood vessels and stimulate the body to eliminate sodium, helping to lower blood pressure immediately.

Plums are rich in antioxidants such as vitamin C and Anthocyanin, which are good for heart health, can effectively prevent Blood Stasis, maintain smooth blood circulation in the body. According to one research, consuming a single dose of 300 ml of prune juice significantly reduced blood pressure over 24 hours, and this effect was more pronounced in older adults.

Bone health

Plums are helpful in increasing the strength of bones. By consuming it, the density of bones starts increasing. It reduces the chances of developing Osteoporosis which weakens the bones. One such research has found that eating a handful of prunes daily can reduce inflammatory chemicals that contribute to bone loss.

Phenolic compounds in prunes mechanistically reduce Postmenopausal bone loss by favorably affecting bone metabolism and targeting inflammatory Signaling pathways that may modulate bone loss. It has been observed that dietary supplementation with prunes reduces bone resorption and preserves bones.’

Reduce Blood Sugar

Prunes prevent blood sugar from rising, one of the reasons it has a beneficial effect on blood sugar is so important to you and it’s low Glycemic Index. The glycemic index (GI) describes the rate at which a food raises your blood sugar levels.

Plums contain about 10 grams of Natural Sugar per 100 grams and are low in Calories – only 50-60 calories per 100 grams. It also contains about 2 grams of Fiber, which is capable of protecting your body from serious problems like Blood Sugar.

Hair and Skin

Plums are rich in Vitamin C, which helps to even out your complexion, reduce dark spots and freckles, and help you achieve an even skin tone. Plum also help improve blood circulation in your skin, which helps to lighten scars or age spots.

Plums have many aesthetic benefits. Being rich in Vitamin C, it can help cleanse your scalp, stimulate hair follicles, cure Dandruff and promote hair growth.

Boosts Immune System

Plums are rich in vitamin C, which is both a vitamin and an antioxidant. Optimum levels of vitamin C help in the production of white blood cells, which help fight Infection. The antioxidant properties present in Vitamin C help in neutralizing free radicals, thereby strengthening the body’s Natural Defense System.

Aloo Bukhara, when consumed in sufficient quantity, boosts your immunity and your ability to resist foreign pathogens. This fruit is especially beneficial for people who are sensitive to foreign bacteria and viruses. This fruit is rich in vitamins K and B6, both of which aid in immunity. The antioxidant content of prunes boosts the immune system, and their anti-inflammatory properties help reduce inflammation.

Eye Health

Plums contain Beta-Carotene and vitamin C which are great for maintaining the health of your eyes. It also prevents cataracts and age-related macular degeneration. In addition, it provides protection from highly harmful UV rays as it contains lutein, zeaxanthin and carotenoids.

The high amount of Vitamin A present in prunes is extremely helpful in enhancing vision. Optimum levels of Vitamin A in the blood help in keeping the Cornea clear. The vitamin also helps the eyes produce pigments that ensure the eyes can see the full Spectrum of light. In addition, prune nutrition is high in Lutein, an antioxidant that promotes eye health.

Conclusion :

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