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Investors suffered losses as soon as the market opened – LIC fell by more than 3%

Investors Suffered Losses as Soon as the Market Opened – LIC Fell by More Than 3%

On Friday, there was a very heavy fall in the domestic market. The stock market has been running poorly for the last few months. Both Sensex and Nifty are falling due to selling pressure. Last week also this series was not taking the name of ending and even at the beginning of this week i.e. today on Monday also the confusion of investors has increased.

Government insurance company LIC has had a very bad situation in the stock market. This state-owned company has caused a loss of 1.65 lakh crores to the investors of its previous IPO and if we talk about today, then today the price of this stock has fallen from about 3.14 percent to below Rs 700.

Due to global pressure and other factors, the stock market is also in loss by more than 2-2 percent. Before the start of trading today, the market is facing huge losses in the pre-open session itself. Before the start of the session, BSE Sensex was down more than 1000 points and now this decline is increasing.

Today the Sensex started with a fall of 1200 points. By around 9:21 pm, the Sensex had fallen 52,000 points and was trading at a loss of 1400 points. If we talk about Nifty, then Nifty is below 15,695.50 points with a loss of 504.40 points.