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Important information about Cross Country Running

Important Information about Cross Country Running

Cross-country running or cross-country running is a sport in which runners (also known as harriers) race on open-air tracks covering natural terrain take. An individual or a team can participate in this game.

In the United States, organizations usually organize these competitions in rain, sleet or snow in the fall or early winter on non-paved areas such as; Conduct on grassy, muddy, hilly, gravel, or flat-ground courses. Golf courses, parks and woods are common sites for cross-country events.

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Cross-country running is similar in concept to other distance running sports, such as; Long distance track running (which takes place on a regulation track) and road running or road race (which takes place on paved roads). The race can sometimes involve tackling lake-sized puddles and mile-long swamps, but that’s all part of the fun.

The sport was exported to the United States in the 1870s, where it quickly became a varsity competition. The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) has organized the National Cross-Country Running Championships since 1938. The International Amateur Athletics Federation (IAAF) has organized the World Cross-Country Championships since 1967. Cross-country running is not an Olympic event, although a 3-mile (5-km) cross-country run is the last of five events in the Olympic modern pentathlon.

The IAAF was founded in 1912 as the International Amateur Athletic Federation and was renamed the “International Amateur Athletic Federation” in 2001.

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The IAAF adopted the rules governing championships and international cross-country running events for both men and women in 1962. The first women’s international cross-country event was held in Barrie, Wales in 1967. Formerly included in the Olympic programme, cross-country was dropped after 1924 as not suitable for summer competition.

The IAAF standard distance for international competition is no less than 12,000 m (7.5 mi) for men and 2,000–5,000 m (1.25–3 mi) for women. Due to the varying difficulty of the courses, world records are not set. Cross-country teams are made up of six to nine athletes.

In scoring, the places where team members finish (e.g., one point for first place, two points for second) are added together, and the team with the lowest total wins.

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