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Important facts and rules related to football

Important Facts and Rules Related to Football

Football is a very popular sport all over the world. It is a group game, in which there are 11 players in a team and it is a game played between two teams. The game is played on a very large rectangular field with goal posts at both ends facing the middle of the field.

In this game, the player tries to score a goal by hitting the ball with his foot and the opposition team tries to stop him and score a goal in his court, whichever team scores more goals, it wins.

Football was started by Nagendra Prasad Sarbadhikari. He played in the Heyer School in 1877 by forming a football team, after which the popularity of this game increased and hence Nagendra Prasad Sarbadhikari came to be called the father of football. In our India, the first football game started in the states of West Bengal, Manipur, Sikkim, Kerala, Goa and Mizoram etc.

Rules Of The Game

The football game starts with a toss. The captain winning the toss has to decide whether his team will attack the goal or kick off the ball.


90 minutes are given in a football match, which is divided into two parts of 45-45 minutes, during this time both teams try to score as many goals against each other.


The total number of players in a football team is 11. These 11 players of football have strikers, defenders, midfielders and goalkeepers etc.

  • Striker: The main function of a striker is to shoot or score a goal.
  • Defenders: Defenders prevent the opposing team from scoring.
  • Midfielders: Midfielders snatch the ball from the players of the opposition team and give the ball to the players of their side.
  • Goalkeeper: The goalkeeper stands in front of the goal post to prevent the goal from being scored.

Football Kicks

  • Kick-off: When the team winning the toss starts the game by kicking, it is called kick-off.
  • Goal Kick: The goal kick is also called the goalkeeper kick in many areas. With this process the game is restarted.
  • Penalty Kick: If the other team commits a foul, the game is restarted with a penalty kick by the first team. In a penalty kick, a player is allowed to take a shot on the goal and the kick is taken from just in front of the goalkeeper.
  • Free Kick: When the laws are violated by the second team, the first team has to use this method to resume play.
  • Throw-in: When the ball is passed from the player of the other team to the edge of the field, the first team resumes the game by the process of throw-in.
  • Corner Kick: This method is used to resume play when the ball is out of play on the goal line, without a goal being scored and was last touched by a member of the defending team. Is.
  • Indirect Free Kick: If the ball goes out of the field without any specific foul from a player of the other team and the match is stopped, then the first team is awarded an indirect free kick as its consideration .
  • Dropped-Ball: This method is used when play is stopped for any reason other than normal game play, foul or misconduct.

Foul Rules In Football

  • Yellow Card : If any player of any team misbehaves, then a yellow card is given to that player by the referee as a caution or warning. This yellow card gives players one more chance to stay on the field for the rest of the game.
  • Red Card : If the same player has received two yellow cards in the same match, it means that he has been dealt a red card. A red card means expulsion, that is, out of the game. Then his team is not given another player, that is, his team will have to play ahead of the remaining players.


In this rule the player must defend the ball from his opponent and cannot go in front of him. If a player does so near the boundary of the opposing team, it is called a foul.

Penalty Shoot-Out

The result is determined by a penalty shoot-out when the score is tied at the end of match time, meaning there is no result of the game. This is a tie-breaking method.

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