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Importance of Yoga Mat | How to choose Best Yoga Mat for Yoga Practice

Yoga is now making its mark in India as well as all over the world. People are getting to know about the benefits of yoga and adopting yoga, because yoga is very beneficial for the mind and body. In earlier times, there were no yoga equipments, but now keeping in mind the needs of the people, many types of yoga mats have come in the market, using which it has become even easier to do yoga and asanas.

A yoga mat is a type of mat specially made for practicing yoga. It has padded surface. On this it becomes easy to do yoga asanas safely and comfortably. Most yoga teachers also recommend the use of a yoga mat while practicing yoga as it is an essential accessory for yoga practice.

Yoga mat is the most important thing to practice yoga. We can help you to choose the best yoga mat from the various types of yoga mats available in the market.

Features of Yoga Mat

It becomes very convenient for you to include yoga mats in your yoga practice. We get many types of features and facilities in yoga mats:

Thickness : While making yoga mat, special care is taken that the thickness of the mat is exactly right. Well, every person has his own understanding, according to which he acts, or buys any item. That is why mats of all types of thickness are made. Yoga mats are easily available in thicknesses of 1/4, 1/8 and 1/16 inches.

Material : While buying a yoga mat, also take special care of the material the mat is made of, as it determines the type of texture, stickiness, eco-friendly, wearability, etc. Most yoga mats are made from PVC.

Taxture : Currently, all types of yoga mats are available in the market, so whenever you buy a yoga mat, keep in mind that the texture of the mat should suit you. The mat should have normal stickiness and should not be too bumpy.

Eco-Friendliness : If you want eco-friendliness, don’t get a yoga mat made of PVC, as PVC mats don’t break down in landfills and very difficult and expensive to recycle.

You can use rubber, jute and cotton yoga mats without using PVC. These mats are smoother and thicker than PVC mats and they are also eco-friendly. There is a geometric pattern in their texture, which does not allow slipping.

Types of Yoga Mats

There are yoga mats of many types of material, which are easily available in the markets. In this guide, we are going to tell you about yoga mats made of different materials: –

PVC Yoga Mat : PVC, which is called Polyvinyl Chloride in English, is an amorphous thermoplastic, that is a rigid material. Yoga mats made of PVC are easily and cheaply available, but they are not eco-friendly.

PVC yoga mats highlight the pleasant experience during yoga. It is very light. You will not worry about any kind of injury while using this mat and they can be rolled up and carried easily with the help of mat carry bag and it is also very easy to wash or clean.

Best PVC Yoga Mats

Natural Rubber Yoga Mat : Natural rubber is produced from plants, it is an elastic substance derived from the latex sap of trees. It is mainly obtained from trees like Hevea and Ficus genera and is also nature friendly.

Natural rubber yoga mat is made of very thick natural rubber, so it is very comfortable and able to create a stable surface for yoga practice. It comes easily in your favorite colors and is easy to clean.

Best Natural Rubber Yoga Mats

Thermoplastic Elastomer Yoga Mat : Thermoplastic elastomer or TPE is a flexible and rubber-like material that processes like plastic and is non-toxic, odorless and harmless. It is also friendly to the body and nature and can be recycled easily.

TPE yoga mats are thicker, which provides better cushioning, so these yoga mats have advanced technical features, which are very effective for more enthusiasts. Most of the double-sided-texture (different on both sides) is seen in these mats.

Best Thermoplastic Elastomer Yoga Mats

Nitrile Rubber Yoga Mat : Nitrile rubber, also known as Nitrile Butadiene Rubber or NBR. It is a type of synthetic rubber, which is thick as well as water resistant. It is commonly used in the automotive and aeronautical industries. These are considered much better for use on hard floors.

The manufacture of NBR is not environmentally friendly, so people who know about it rarely use it as a yoga mat. Although it is not toxic, but during its manufacturing some toxic molecules are used in it. Mostly it is produced in countries like USA, Europe and Canada.

Best Nitrile Rubber Yoga Mats

Jute Yoga Mat : Jute is a natural fiber derived from plants, which is eco-friendly. A yoga mat made of jute material can prove to be very good for you, as it is capable of being friendly to you and the environment in every way. It is very strong as well as being cushioned. Jute material is known as Golden Fiber. It is a cheap, durable and easily available fiber in natural fibers.

Yoga mats made of jute material are beautifully manufactured. It grips well on any type of floor. It provides a very good surface for yoga practice.

Best Jute Yoga Mats