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History, Types and Importance of Agriculture in India

History, Types and Importance of Agriculture in India

If we talk about crop production or agriculture, then our country is an agricultural country. Agriculture in India is the backbone of its economy. Agriculture is of great importance in our country and the entire state is affected by agriculture. Here in many states, mainly agriculture or farming is done, that is, agricultural production controls the rate of diffusion of money.

Rice is the most cultivated area in India. Rice is produced in about 35% of the cropped area. The state of Uttar Pradesh is most known for agriculture or farming in India. Our India country ranks second with a production of about 93,500,000 tonnes per annum.

Agriculture History

It is said that agriculture in the country of India is happening before about 8000 BC. Even at that time, people had developed many types of techniques and tools for farming. As time progressed, understanding the nature of the weather, people started planting many types of trees or crops in different seasons.

Some crops or plants were grown once in a year and some were grown twice a year, that is, due to the double monsoon, crops were planted twice in the same year. Similarly, Indian agricultural products started coming into the world market through the system of commerce. Since then the crops from here started coming to other countries and the crops from there to our country.

Factors determining the type of agriculture or farming

Natural factor

  • Land
  • Land surface
  • Climate

Social Factors

  • Social customs and beliefs
  • Personal interest of the farmer

Economic factors

  • Economic condition of the farmer
  • Land condition
  • Cost of land
  • Access to capital
  • Availability of labor
  • Marketing facilities

Types of Agriculture

There are 5 main types of agriculture or farming –

Specialty Farming, Mixed Farming, Dry Farming, Multivariate Farming, Ranching Farming

Apart from these, different types of farming are done on many grounds –

On the basis of supply of cultivable land

On the basis of the supply of land, farming is classified into two types –

  • Intensive farming
  • Extensive cultivation.

Depending on the availability of land

  • Strip farming
  • Organic agriculture
  • Terrace farming
  • Discharge agriculture
  • Derry Farming
  • co-cropping method
  • Lei farming
  • Truck farming
  • Multicrop farming
  • Contour farming
  • Shifting agriculture
  • Allied agriculture

On the basis of cropping intensity

  • Single crop farming
  • Double cropping
  • Multi crop farming

On the basis of commercialization

  • Primitive farming
  • Commercial farming
  • Planting cultivation

On mixed farming basis

  • Horticulture – Cultivation of fruits, Cultivation of vegetables, Cultivation of medicines, Cultivation of flowers.
  • Animal Husbandry – Cow-Buffalo rearing, Sheep-Goat rearing, Pig rearing, Poultry/Duck/Phutter rearing, Bee keeping, Sericulture, Fisheries.
  • Agro-forestry – In this agriculture or farming, the land is made sustainable and diversified with many types of techniques and when in agriculture, by planting trees and shrubs well and getting benefits from both trees and shrubs, it is called agroforestry. is called.
  • Social Forestry – In social forestry, the rural people are employed and the environment is protected by planting trees on the vacant places. This is a type of program, in which people also get employment and efforts are made to make the environment clean and beautiful.

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