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First Turkey and now Egypt also refused to buy Indian wheat

First Turkey and Now Egypt also Refused to Buy Indian Wheat

There has been a new twist in India’s wheat export case, earlier India had exported 17 lakh tonnes of wheat to Turkey, but Turkey returned it as ‘rotten’. He said that Indian wheat has been found to have rubella virus, so he refused to take this consignment.

This wheat consignment was sold by the Indian company ITC Limited to a company based in the Netherlands and from there it was transported to Turkey.

After some time, this consignment was bought by a merchant from Egypt and took wheat and went to the African country by ship, but now Egypt has also refused to take this wheat.

On returning the wheat to Turkey, Food Secretary Sudhanshu Pandey said on Thursday that he had completed all the necessary procedures before sending the wheat consignment from here. He also says that there has been no talk so far about the refusal of the Turkish authorities to take the consignment of wheat.

The Government of India says that this will be fully confirmed and will wait for customs clearance to export wheat to Egypt.

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