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Earthquake Wreaks Havoc in Turkey and Syria, India sends NDRF Team

Earthquake Wreaks Havoc in Turkey and Syria

On Monday, February 6, 2023, Turkey and Syria were hit by a severe earthquake in these countries, due to which more than 4,000 people have lost their lives in Turkey and many buildings have collapsed. The intensity of the earthquake is said to be 7.8.

It is being told that this earthquake occurred when people were sleeping. Now due to this earthquake, relief work and emergency services have become even more difficult in the winter season. Within 24 hours there were 3 major earthquakes, which destroyed everything in these countries.

Due to the earthquake, more than 2,818 buildings have been destroyed and if we talk about rescue and relief operations, the rescue work is going on in a big way. Rescuers have pulled more than 2,470 people from the rubble of collapsed buildings and the search is on for many more still trapped under the rubble.

On the instructions of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to provide immediate assistance in the devastation caused by the earthquake, the Chief Secretary to PM PK Mishra held an important meeting and decided that NDRF (Search and Rescue Campaign) and medical teams will be sent to Turkey immediately.

100 jawans will be sent in two teams of NDRF, not only this dog squad will also be included in them. Along with this, relief material will be sent to Turkey and these teams will be equipped with necessary equipment and the medical team will include doctors, other staff and necessary medicines.