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A complete guide of Water Geyser For Your Home?

Water Geyser is a type of modern equipment, which is used to heat water. It is mostly used in winters, as the requirement of hot water is more in winter season. Some people use heating rods in winters, but using heating rods consumes a lot of electricity and many precautions have to be taken while using heating rods.

Many household works are done with water. The normal water collected in winter time is very cold at the time of work, working in which can make your health worse. In today’s modern times, having a geyser has become a common thing, due to which the worry of heating the water has also ended.

Types of Geysers

  1. Electric geyser
  2. Gas geyser
  3. Solar geyser

Let us learn in detail about each type below :

Electric Geyser

Electric geysers are safer and more convenient to use. It supplies electricity from the domestic connection for heating water. Copper coil is used in this to heat the water. It is easily available in the markets. Their cost is not high, but their operational cost is high.

Electric geysers can be easily installed anywhere and they heat water very fast. Compared to other geysers, these geysers heat water at a higher temperature.

There are two types of electric geysers –

Instant Geyser

Instant geyser is mostly used in places where water cost is low or there are limited people in family. This geyser heats the water instantly by using the heating element. These geyser are availavle in compact size, which occupies less space and also enhances the beauty of the bathroom.

Best Instant Electric Water Geyser
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Storage geyser

You do not get instant hot water in a storage geyser. In this you have to wait for some time for hot water. This geyser is like a tank. In this, water is first filled in the tank, then it heats the water with the help of its heating elements. After this we can use this hot water.

Best Storage Electric Water Geyser
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The way we heat water with rods, storage geysers also work in the same way. This mostly happens in places where hot water is needed more. This geyser requires a lot of space, which means it is very difficult to install it in a small bathroom.

Gas Geyser

If only three or four people live in your house, then gas geyser can prove to be very beneficial for you. Many times the electricity goes off at the time of need and due to the electric geyser, they do not get hot water on time. This geyser proves to be very good for such people, because this geyser runs through LPG gas.

Gas geyser is very easy to use and it is also not very expensive, that is, it does not cost much to use it. Gas geyser is cheaper than electric geyser. But while using gas geyser, many types of precautions should be taken care of –

Best Gas Water Geyser
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  • Always install the gas geyser in an open space only. Do not install it in the kitchen or bathroom.
  • Keep checking the gas geyser from time to time whether it is leaking from anywhere.
  • Although the gas geyser should not be installed in a closed place, but if the gas geyser is installed in a closed place, always keep the exhaust fan of that place running.
  • If gas is leaking from the gas geyser, then you may have problems like dizziness, vomiting, fatigue, abdominal pain, etc. due to that gas.

Solar Geyser

A solar geyser is a solar system that stores power from the sun’s rays and uses that power to heat water. A tank is attached to this geyser, which stores hot water so that it can be used when needed.

Some people say about solar geyser that if clouds remain in winter days, then how will the solar panels be charged, so for this, inbuilt electric heating element was given for backup in solar geyser.

Solar Geyser is mainly available in two types of technologies –

  1. E.T.C. Solar Geyser
  2. F.P.C. Solar Geyser

ETC Solar Geyser

ETC Solar geyser is called Evacuated Tube Collector (ETC) . In this, Double Layer Borosilicate Glass Tube is used to heat the water. Two glass tubes are present in these tubes, which are equipped with vacuum. There is an insulator inside this vacuum. The outer walls of these tubes absorb solar radiation.

Best ETC Solar Geyser
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ETC In a solar geyser (ETC Solar Geyser), sunlight falling on the tube passes through the transparent tube on the outside and collides with the outer part of the inner tube and absorbs the caloricity. The cold water that keeps flowing in the tube, it goes into it, as a result of which the water gets heated.

FPC Solar Geyser

In FPC solar geyser, the rays received from the sun are collimated through FPC (Flat Plate Collector). It converts the energy received from the sun into heat energy. It consists of a glass sheet, on which an outer metal box is made and inside this box there are absorbent sheets of black color.

Best FPC Solar Geyser
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F.P.C. the geyser uses channels or tubes to carry water across these absorbent sheets and transfer heat to the water after absorbing the sun’s rays. FPC in Solar Geyser The technology delivers more power and provides hot water up to 140F.

How To Buy The Right Geyser For Your Home?

When it comes to buying something, some people buy the wrong stuff in a hurry and then regret it later. As now the winter season is going on and people have started thinking about buying geysers. We tell some important things about buying a good geyser for you –

  • First of all, you should decide how much is your budget and what price geyser you should buy.
  • Now you should see your requirement i.e. how much hot water is needed in your house, according to that you should choose the tank capacity.
  • Before buying a geyser, take special care of how you want its design and how much space you have to install that geyser.

If you are getting confused about solar, gas or electric geyser, then for this also let us tell you that you may face some problem in solar geyser. Because it is usually seen in the winter season, that sometimes there is no sunlight or sun for many days, so if you take a solar geyser, then you may have to face a lot of trouble.

If we talk about gas geyser, then that too can put you in trouble sometime. Because the problem of leakage can also be seen in the gas geyser and the gas coming out of it is capable of spoiling your health. That’s why most of the sellers recommend to install gas geyser in the open. Apart from this, the cells used to run this geyser also have to be changed every year.

Electric geyser is such a geyser in which you become carefree. Whether you put it inside the bathroom or kitchen, or outside it depends on you. Usually electric geyser is installed inside the bathroom or kitchen. It depends on your need whether you want an instant electric geyser or a storage electric geyser.

Conclusion : We have tried our best in this article that we can tell you about all types of geysers and can reach you all kinds of information related to them.

We hope that the information given by us will be useful for you and you will take a good and economical geyser for yourself.

If you want to give us any suggestion, then you can suggest us in the comment box. We will surely use your suggestions and will also reply to you.

We will wait for your suggestion or comment.

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