Jag Khabar

Khabar Har Pal Kee


China is stealing world secrets from Spy Balloons

America shot down a Chinese spy balloon, told that China is stealing the secrets of the world.

America had recently shot down China’s spy balloon and after that the debris of the balloons was found from the Atlantic Ocean, then the shocking secrets about the balloons were revealed. After researching the debris, it was found that China was spying on other countries through this balloon. Not only this, when America further investigated it, it came to know that China has left its spy balloons in many countries.

According to the US report, China has left its spy balloons in many countries. China is operating these spy balloons in countries of strategic interest and gathering more and more military information.

US officials have told that this balloon is equipped with electronic surveillance technology and is also capable of monitoring communications and this balloon was monitoring us.

State Department spokesman Ned Price says that these Chinese spy balloons were also equipped with many antennas, which are capable of connecting at any place and they also told that such activities are being carried out by the PLA i.e. People’s Liberation Army. This becomes possible only through the instructions of the People’s Liberation Army. Therefore, there is no doubt that the complete control of these spy balloons is in the hands of PLA.