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The danger of an accident 10 times bigger than Chernobyl, smoke rises from Zaporizhia nuclear power plant

Ukraine’s Foreign Affairs Minister Dmitry Kuleba said Russian forces were firing from all sides at Zaporizhia, Europe’s largest nuclear power plant.

Russian army has attacked the city of Enerhodar in Ukraine. The Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant in Enerhodar has also been hit by Russian missiles and a huge plume of smoke was seen rising here. The Zaporizhzhia plant is the largest nuclear power plant in Europe.

Foreign Minister Dimitro Kuleba has said that Russian forces are continuously bombing Europe’s largest nuclear power plant. The plant is already on fire and if it exploded, it would prove to be 10 times more dangerous than the Chernobyl blast in 1986.

US President appeals to Russia

After this invasion, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky spoke to US President Joe Biden and informed about the situation in Ukraine. Joe Biden has appealed to Russia to help protect the nuclear power plant and extinguish the fire.

“President Joe Biden, along with President Zelensky of Ukraine, is said to have called for an immediate halt to the activities of his troops in the areas affected by Russia and to allow emergency rescue teams to move there.”

Biden also spoke to the US Department of Energy’s Under Secretary of State for Nuclear Security and administrator of the National Nuclear Security Administration to inquire about the status of the plant.