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Budget 2022

Budget 2022. What is special for farmers?

Budget 2022 – Government kind to farmers! Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman made many big announcements for agriculture

Budget 2022 -The Finance Minister said that chemical free natural farming would be promoted throughout the country with focus on farmers’ land in 5 km wide corridors along the banks of river Ganga. Also, the scheme will be started in PPP mode to increase the income of the farmers. In view of the income and security interest of the farmers, optical fiber will also be provided to the villages for the all round development of the farmers.

It was also said in the budget that work on the Ken-Betwa river linking project would be started. For the Ken-Betwa river linking, the government has fixed an amount of Rs 1400 crore as well as packages will be brought for the farmers with fruits and vegetables.

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Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced in the budget of 2022, the government will promote the use of drones in the agriculture sector.

In the coming times, the use of drones for the agriculture sector is going to be very focused by the central government. Spraying of nutrients and pesticides will be encouraged through drones. The government is going to work in many places for the crores of farmers who have been living in financial crisis and misery for a long time.

Talk about doubling farmers’ income as usual

Along with making all the announcements, the Finance Minister also talked about doubling the income of farmers. He said that the government is still sticking to its target of doubling the income of farmers by the year 2022. It was also said that Prime Minister Modi has provided direct cash amount to more than 4 crore farmers and women.

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These important announcements were made for the farmers in the budget

  • Chemical free natural farming will be promoted. In the first phase, the land of farmers living in the 5 km corridor along the Ganges will be selected for this work.
  • SC-ST farmers will be given help for agro-forestry (Agro-Forestry).
  • In the procurement of wheat and paddy in 2021-22, it is estimated that 1208 lakh metric tonnes of wheat and paddy will be procured from 163 lakh farmers and Rs 2.37 lakh crore of MSP price will be paid directly into their accounts.
  • Domestic production will be encouraged to reduce the import of oilseeds.
  • Loans will be provided easily to agricultural startups and rural companies.
  • The government will provide a comprehensive package with the help of the states to use the right variety of fruits and flowers.
  • PPP model will be used to bring digital and hi-tech technology to the farmers.

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