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Now Google will tell your device’s Internet Speed

Now Google will tell your device’s Internet Speed

In today’s time everyone uses internet and if the data speed is less then people check their internet data speed but many people do not know how to check data speed. Internet Speed Test tells us how much downloading and uploading speed your operator is giving at that time.

This feature is available on many websites and apps, about which people know very little, so now Google will also provide this facility. Meaning that now you can find out the data speed of your device through Google in a few minutes.

Google partnered with M-Lab

It is being told that Google has partnered with M-Lab, through which Google gives data speed very easily. Data is spent in this test, so if you use this facility in mobile or any other device, then only data charge will be applicable in it. To perform this test, you need to connect to M-Lab and share your IP address.

In this way you can do Internet Speed Test

  1. First of all open Google.com in your mobile, PC or tablet.
  2. After this you have to type Run Speed Test in the search bar.
  3. Now you will see internet speed test on the dialog box which will say, check your internet speed in 30 seconds. Speed Test typically transfers less than 40MB of data, but can also transfer more data on a faster connection.
  4. Now you have to click on the Run Speed Test button appearing below this dialog box.
  5. On clicking this button a pop-up will appear showing you the internet speed results.
  6. Let us tell you that this test is conducted by M-Lab and publishes all the results which are in public domain. It contains your IP address and test result data.

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